As I’m waiting for the light, I breathe you out of my bloodstream. Your name slips pass my lips and like an explosion of fireworks, every line you ever said splatters against Autumn’s cold canvas. How can I forget you when all I do is paint your memories alive?

This went through my head this morning at 7 when I was crossing the street on my way to work.

It’s gotten cold enough that I can see my breath.

Anonymous asked:

44, 47, 61, 67, 76, 80 & 91

oh boy! 

  • 44. Favorite Nickname

hands down, it’s gotta be “piece of shit”  

e.g. I love you piece of shit.

you’re the only shit for me.

and my absolute favourite "ugh, why are you such a piece of shit<3"

  • 47. If You Could Go Anywhere For A Week, All Expenses Paid, Where Would You Go?

DISNEY WORLD. takes about a week to get through and hella expensive, SO YES. WHY ARE YOU ASKING THIS? ARE YOU GOING TO TAKE ME?????

  • 61. If You Were Stranded On A Island, What 5 Things Would You Want With You?

hokay, naturally i want to say the most nonsensical things, but lets be realistic here..

  1. a tardis so i can get the fuck off this island 
  2. water filtration device so i can filter my own water 
  3. a waterproof robot so it can do all the hardwork and build me a tree house to live in
  4. solar powered generator to recharge my robot
  5. and either a letter or a photo of someone I love to keep my will strong.
  • 67. What Is Your Middle Name?

ahhh i don’t want to say because it’s too hard to pronounce, but if you really really really want to know. then message me off-anon and I’ll tell you. 

  • 76. Christmas or Your Birthday?

My birthday! 

  • 80. Picnic In The Park or Romantic Dinner?

Romantic dinner in the park. ;) 

  • 91. Do You Cry Easily?

I was a sensitive kid so I cried easily but everytime i did, i would get made fun of or yelled at for crying…so then I vowed to never ever let anyone see me cry. 

annnnnnd so far only one other person besides my immediate family has seen me cry. 

I get teary-eyed, but I refuse to have a full-blown cry session. though..i hear those are good for you from time to time..


i want to know you too. so don’t be afraid to message me! I mean it.


Shark' is the second offering from Wonder Wonder, the duo who’ve set their sights on releasing a song every month for the next year. Last month’s ‘Body Gold' was a smash, and this new one doesn't disappoint either. Both vocals seamlessly integrate to create a really pleasing sound as the clear cut instrumentation is kept to a minimum to let those voices mesmerise. Listen up! 

Are you gonna,

are you gonna be my love?

A rich guy, a white guy and a black guy sit down at a table together. There’s a plate of 12 cookies, the rich guy grabs 11 of them and says to the white guy “watch out, that black guy’s trying to steal your cookie”.
The link between class & race and how racial resentment has been used to divide the middle and working class in the U.S (via alaelia)